Pterosaur - Wooden Dinosaur Toys
Pterosaur - Wooden Dinosaur Toys

Pterosaur - Wooden Dinosaur Toys

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Bloon Toys Paleontoys are wooden dinosaur toys, hand-crafted in a variety of woods.

The simplest of forms and natural wood grain bring alive the most fantastic of prehistoric creatures.

Simple animal forms invite children to enter a world of imaginative play.


Pronounced: teh - ruh - sawr

Meaning “wing lizard”

The Pterosaur was a close relative of the dinosaur and lived alongside them, but it was not technically a dinosaur by classification, as it lacked a circular hole in its hip bone.

The Pterosaur were carnivorous, and there were lots of different kinds of them; the smallest pterosaurs were no bigger than a sparrow, while the largest had a wingspan of nearly 40 feet!

Bloon Toys pterosaur has been handmade using beech wood.

It measures 4.5" long by 3" tall.