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about us

bloon toys is a toy shop for children aged one to seven (and sometimes much older!)

our play essentials are open ended toys that encourage children to enter the world of self directed, imaginative play. by doing this, they unlock a host of skills - including imagination, creativity, self awareness, perseverance, a strong internal locus of control etc.

open ended play materials help the play emerge from within the child, while natural materials and thoughtful design nourish the senses, nurture the development of the body, mind and soul and (most importantly) are safe for unsupervised play.

at bloon toys we believe the most challenging of skills can be instilled elegantly and joyfully through play. 

our inspirations draw from the wisdom of age old cultures, from the steiner (waldorf) educational philosophy as well as from contemporary research on play by dr stuart brown and dr peter gray, among others.