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about us


bloon toys works at the intersection of design and learning.   

at the core of it, play is nature’s way of making sure that children learn the things they need to. play works intuitively, naturally, and at many different levels. this sort of learning is not only ‘cognitive’ (of the mind) – but more holistic learning – of the body and even the soul. 

in waldorf classrooms (waldorf is a holistic educational pedagogy founded by Rudolf Steiner), play is the bedrock of early childhood years, and time in school between the ages of 2 and 7 is largely spent in this sort of deep play. 

this sort of play is even used therapeutically to gain an insight into the inner workings of a child – as it manifests much before children have the tools of language to express what’s going on inside of them.


bloon toys designs and makes toys that invite this self-directed play and open up creative possibilities. bloon toys are purposefully minimal, designed to leave more room for exploration and growth. 

being open ended, they are often used in different ways by children of different ages. 

all the toys are thoughtfully designed, using responsibly sourced all-natural materials – like wood, wool, natural dyes and beeswax ensuring safety for children and also for the environment.