Bulk & Return Gifts

Thoughtful and customised presents

While the idea of return presents is becoming more and more daunting, we'd like to go back to simpler times - Thoughtful presents, to make a special day a little more special :)

Our return presents are:

Age Appropriate

While most of our toys are age-agnostic and invite 'play' of different sorts for children (and adults) of different ages. Get in touch with us, and we can recommend or even put together a special set for you.

Any of our wooden toys - can be customised with the receiver's names and any other message etched onto a block / piece from the set.

Similarly, our aprons can be embroidered with each child's name on the apron and on the cleaning rag. 
Packaging entirely without plastic! Using only stuffing paper, and paper tape :)

Making it really special


Choose from our set of translucent gift wrapping papers, with customised name tags, and perhaps even some origami :) 
For people who could not attend the birthday / or are in another city, we would be happy to courier the presents to anyone who missed out. 

Celebrating the milestone
For children especially, with each passing year, so many milestones are crossed, so many little personality quirks revealed - it is these that we would like to celebrate  and share with family and friends. 
We work with you to design a sticker / custom element for the gift box that can either have a haiku or poem with a couple of lines about the birthday baby, or design that ties it in to the larger party theme. 
All this with 15% off (on orders of more than 30 toys)
Add 30 pieces of anything to your cart and get an automatic discount of 15% off. 
Below are some of our favourite return gift options (but really anything on the website could work too.)

How to order 
Place the order on our website for the number of sets you want, along with a note as to when the birthday is. We will get in touch with you regarding all the other customisations; you can also reach us with queries on hello@bloontoys.com or +91 99203 71224.