T - Rex  - Wooden Dinosaur Toys
T - Rex  - Wooden Dinosaur Toys

T - Rex - Wooden Dinosaur Toys

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Bloon Toys Paleontoys are wooden dinosaur toys, hand-crafted in a variety of woods.

The simplest of forms and natural wood grain bring alive the most fantastic of prehistoric creatures.

Simple animal forms invite children to enter a world of imaginative play.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Pronounced: ti - ran - oh - saw - rus rex
Meaning “tyrant lizard king”
Is the most famous and fearsome of all dinosaurs.
The T-Rex was the largest of all land predators. An adult T-Rex measured up to about 43 feet long and weighed as much as 7.5 tons. The T-Rex walked and ran on two legs, and had small hands (which could not reach its face).
Bloon toys tyrannosaurus rex has been handmade using Acacia Wood.
It measures 8" long by 4.5" tall.