Things do in your city (that you didn't even know existed!)

From several conversations over summer and much research of our own, we have put together a list of things your child is going to love doing!




Climb 2500 million year old rocks at Jubilee Hills with members of the ‘Save the Rocks Foundation’ at Jubilee Hills. 

Collect Flowers at any of Hyderabad’s many Flower Markets

Meet an 430 year old Baobab Tree called ‘Hathiyan ka Jhaad’ (elephant's trunk)

Baobab Tree In Hyderabad

 The Hathiyan Ja Jhad Baobab Tree in Golconda Fort, Hyderabad. Image Source.


Take a Bullock Cart ride and a boat ride at Shilparamam, a sprawling, green crafts village with a busy schedule of events all year round

Spend a day spellbound by characters and scenes from Indian Myths at Surendrapuri Theme Park

Rent a caravan from the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) 


Check out vehicles made from waste in every shape, size form and colour at the Sudha Car Museum

Sudha Car Musuem, Hyderabad

The Sudha Car Museum, Hyderabad. Image Source.


Experience life in Rajasthan at Dhola-ri-Dhani

Be served food by a robot at Robo Kitchen in Alcazar Mall!

Read a Book at the Pause Library 

Get your hands dirty in paint and clay at Color Me Mine




Learn Horse Riding and meet some cool animals at Japalouppe

Spend a day at the Hideout Farm, a few hours away from Mumbai

Watch Flamingos through a Flamingo Boat Safari at Thane Creek, Airoli 

Flamingos, Mumbai

Flamingos at Airoli, Mumbai. Image Source.  


Catch a public music performance by soundrise

Spot Butterflies at the Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden

Visit a Chinese Temple - Kwan Kung 


Sing and dance at a Music Together Class

Go on a tasting spree at Subko’s chocolate factory

Listen to a story at Kahaani Tree or Prithvi House

Kahani Tree, Mumbai

Kahani Tree, Mumbai. Image Source.


Participate in a theatre workshop at Gillo Gilehri

Pet little furry friends at Pawfect Life




Meet some crocs at the Chennai Crocodile Park 

Go for a Catamaran Ride at Kovalam Beach, Radisson Blu or Santana

Pet some cows and horses at ‘The Farm’ 

The Farm, Chennai

The Farm, Chennai. Image Source.



Learn how books are made at Tara Book House where you can also take a tour and read some of their gorgeous children’s publications.

Tara Books, Chennai

Tara Books, Chennai. Image Source.  


Watch a puppet show, participate in some folk crafts and play some traditional (board) games at the Dakshinachitra Living Museum 

Check out the world’s largest seashell and other cool things at the India Shell Museum in Mahabalipuram

Immerse in the world of trains at the Chennai Railway Museum 

Play and make friends at Quest, an Unschooling Space with a busy monthly program!




Go on a search for wells in Bangalore - the city boasts of more than 500 at present!

Spend a day at the Lilac Farm on the outskirts of Bangalore 

Take a Night Walk With Wilderness Ways

Wilderness Ways, Bangalore

A nature expedition with Wilderness Ways, Bangalore. Image Source. 


Skate and picnic at Cubbon Park on a Sunday morning 

Learn how to ride a cycle and be part of cycling mornings with Pedal Shaale 


Make Lots of Sound at the Interactive Music Museum

Get an i-cue children’s library membership for reading 

Listen to stories at Champaca and Lightroom bookstores 

Spend a Sunday at the Bangalore Creative Circus

 Bangalore Creative Circus, Bangalore

Bangalore Creative Circus, Bangalore. Image Source.




Spend a day in the company of elephants at Elefantastic - The best Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary In India!

Watch the sound and light show at Amber palace (tip: you can take an elephant ride there)

Spend a day at the Kishan Bagh Sand Dunes for an exquisite experience of Rajasthan’s desert landscape

 Kishan Bagh Sand Dunes, Jaipur

Kishan Bagh Sand Dunes, Jaipur. Image Source.



Take a class in pottery and ceramics at Gopal Saini’s Studio 

Design your own clothes and textiles at Heritage Textiles

Block Print your own scarf with Vedic Walks or Nila 

Nila Textiles, Jaipur

 Block-printing at Nila, Jaipur. Image Source. 


Plan a day at Chokhi Dhani for a comfortable taste of rural rajasthani life

Take an appointment with Shammi Nanda at Ahimsagram to learn about healthy foods and healthy cooking!




Volunteer to help build butterfly homes with Nature Mates

Check out the biggest Banyan Tree in the world at Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah. One of the largest Botanical Gardens in India, this space is home to over 12000 species of plants, flowers and lush green trees

Spot a giraffe at the Alipore Zoo!

Giraffes at Alipore Zoo, Kolkata

Giraffes at Alipore Zoo, Kolkata. Image Source.  



Find a rare book Earthcare Books or Expect Amazing

Walk through India’s only Chinatown 

Take a ride in a tram, the only existing ones in India!

Play With Clay At Art Rickshaw

Simply play at The Backyard

 The Backyard's indoor play area, Kolkata. Image Source.


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