rhythm in steiner schools, an all important 'R'

rhythm is a very important aspect of the steiner curriculum - one of the much spoken about 3R's - and perhaps the bedrock for creativity and growth. 


rhythm, repetition and safety

one aspect of rhythm is the structure and stability it brings. rhythm goes hand in hand with repetition. each day in a steiner classroom has a predictable flow. for little children, it is this structure that gives them stability and a feeling of safety. only when children feel completely safe in their environment can their attention be elevated to other things like play, creativity and giving free reign to their imagination. 


balance: equal parts inspiration and expression

rhythm can also be seen as a “breathe in” and a “breathe out” – so important in our children’s (and everyone's!) lives.


“breathe in” is about kids taking in the world – inspiring them, showing the world to them, engaging their fancy and igniting their imagination. it’s about experimenting with them, taking them out to explore nature, music and even media (in moderation)…

but “breathe in” must be complimented with equal parts of “breathe out” – when the reigns of decision making are handed over to the children – let them be! give them the space and freedom to play, to create, to do as they choose to do.


evolution's way

just like sleeping aids the memory, space and time to “breathe out” aids understanding.

once you’ve inspired them in their “breathe in”, allow time and space for them to “breathe out”. it is during these times that all that they’ve seen/felt/heard is absorbed and internalised, and finally, taken forward by them to create/reimagine/recreate. our children are our future, and is this not, then, the very basis of evolution?

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