Dr Holly Belgum writes a children's book to bring comfort during the crisis

A third year paediatrics resident, Dr Holly Belgum, from Minnesota in the US has written and illustrated a warm and wonderful book to help children through this strange and unsettling time in their lives. 

Piggy and Bunny and the stay at home plan - Dr Holly Belgum

 Inspired to help her nieces and children of friends who were going through a hard time understanding and adjusting to the pandemic and the new world order as a result.

“I have a good friend whose daughter is 7. She FaceTimed me and she was crying and said, ‘I’m so scared of this virus and I miss my friends,’” Belgum said. “There are so many kids in Minnesota and around the world who are dealing with the effects of this.”

The story is about a pig and a bunny who are best friends, but no longer able to meet each other because of the stay at home order. They're confused because their parents are upset and worried, they're lonely and upset at not being able to meet each other. It's about all the jumbled up big emotions children (and possibly all of us!) feel at a strange and unsettling time as this. 

The book - Piggy & Bunny and the Stay at Home Plan - brings with it a big silver lining to the crisis and is bound to touch the hearts and minds of children everywhere. 

A big shout out to Dr Belgum, who has made the book available for free download via this link

Thank you we love it! :)  


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